Now and Forever


bleary eyes

a breaking heart

a dying girl

bleeding arms

she tries so hard to hide it


yet he sees right through her

he sees right past her barriers

he can’t help but see

she tires so hard to be strong

and all he wants is to let her break


She watches as he walks by

she just wants him to see her

she doesn’t mind being invisible to everyone else

but with him it’s different

she can’t seem to figure out why


He walks by but in his heart he’s crying out to her

he can’t seem to find the words

to tell her how he feels

she probably doesn’t even notice him


the day goes on

as they both get lost in their own minds

they both go home

never knowing the others heart


She sits on her window sill

a paper in her lap and a pen in her hand

a letter for him when shes gone

tonight will be her last goodbye


He sits in his window

paper in his lap pen in his hand

a letter for her

tonight is the last night she will be alone


He can’t sleep at all

he’s too excited to finally tell her

that she’s his one true love


she cries as she takes the pills

she swallows the whole bottle

she’s so happy she no longer feels the pain


He walks in and he hears and that she’s gone

he collapse to the floor and cries

they hand him the note

and at the bottom of the page it says

by the way I love you now and  forever


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