can you help the hopeless

can you fix the broken.

i can hear the silence,

i can see the dark.

can you taste the light,

i can feel those things you do out of spite.

in solitude i am waiting,

your eyes; simply breath taking.

i mourn your absence,

i cherish your arrival.

can you see my heart await your revival

can you feel my heart,

i see you in the dark.

i love you with repetition,

i can tell you are the piece that has been missing.

lethargically i am patient,

morally i am kind.

can you taste the light when i look into your eyes?

i can feel your heart,

do you see that our love is art ?

cold days i dream of marriage,

in warmth i dream of children,

i yearn for you as i spill out my feelings.

curious to as if i am lucky,

destiny shows that our love is fate.

i know that you love me by the way that you stroke my face.

spring is approaching,

our time is near.

i can hardly breathe,

the tenth is almost here !

i spend you my love,

i waste my money.

i have learned the value of what is in front of me.



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