I sit here listening to the love songs that are sad

The rain gently taps my window

I should be happy I’m in love

But this is the worst kind of love


It hurts my soul my heart my sanity…

But that’s only when the loneliness sinks in

The storm of emotions rage inside of me

You are the eye of the madness

The calm before; the beautiful devastation left behind

The break in my heart mends with every smile from you

Only to fall apart when you smile at someone else

I wasn’t an envious person until I met you

What is this curse you’ve put on me

When you’re young there is magic in the air

But the fairy dust fades away with time

Then a new magic replaces the old

A cruel magic: love

More would search for love then find themselves

How can one thing be so powerful

Why is all fair in this tragedy

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