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There’s an art to knowing what the new lot want,
Without killing our heritage, fond past,
Survival of the quickest, prepared for the sacrifice,
Luck, if popular beyond a grand design,
Finding the buzzwords and sticking to the script,
Fooled into believing shared interest,
Pore over stats to see if you fit,
Talent hindered by all but popularity,
As the end of the journey much sooner than thought,
Hold your head up with hindsight only hoped,
Provide detail of trips, of relaxing times,
The poignant memoirs of life,
And spin it with humour, of what makes them laugh,
But never forget where land lie,
When it all crashes down, more eager are they,
The sad and those seeking a purpose,
Your contract with them will soon but expire,
Skulking to misunderstood themes,
Kick back and relax, the journey begins.



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