Long Illusion Opening


Silently, I bought a liar’s dream

Deep waters for stars

Serenity for success

Believing a goal is there to be reached

A life relieved of circumstance


Cheating myself for an extra moment of sleep

I paved my roads

But they lead only to places I hate

I cheated myself for a second of memory

For the good things they said that come

To those who wait


But they took our faces

They changed our names

They’ve mistaken our wishes for long, nameless hours

They burned our pages

& forsaken our songs

On graves they once dug, now they lay flowers


Saying prayers to concrete heavens

But we know that angels don’t live here anymore

& the limit must be the limitless sky

Of feelings that we so eagerly ignore


Since they reshaped our faces

& cloned our hearts

Then given back all that we’ve left to die

Mother, they’ve taken away our childhood

But they will never take us alive




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