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let up –


Some day’s,
it’s jus’


Tell me;


What makes your feelin’s
more important than mine?


Tell me;


Why should I always have
t’be the one who’s pretendin’
they’re fine?


The fk?


This must be what they meant,
when they said; Love is blind.


You’ll never see the truth,
through this facade –
that I try t’hide behind.


I can’t allow you t’grind
any further inside o’my mind.


You’ve already grown
far too comfortable,
in the space you reside.


Tell me, why.


Why should I be the only one
who’s trust was defied?


Why should I be the only one
of us – You ‘n I – that’ve cried?


Why was it MY SON that died?


You know first hand how much
that shit hurts – deep down inside!


If you really do exist,
could you please be so kind
as t’give me any sorta sign
that my baby boy really is fine?


When do MY stars align?


The other day I looked for Heaven,
‘n all I saw was f’kin sky.


I wanna believe there’s more than this.


Lord, you know how hard I try.


It’s jus’


let up –


Some day’s,
it’s jus’


Tell me, why..


-rome ©2017

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  1. Cyrus

    I absolutely enjoyed and missed this, bro! Good to see you on this platform. I look forward to reading more!

    • My guy, Cy!

      Sooo happy to be back. Thanks for letting me know about it. Always appreciate you!

      • Cyrus

        Same here, brother!

      • ??

    • Thanks so much, my friend! It feels good to be able to share & interact with you, again.

  2. NB NB

    If my poems ever seem like an attempt to copy your style – forgive me, but it’s so captivating that I’ve started adopting certain patterns from it in some of my still unfinished works.. the most fascinating thing is that you know how to perfectly gradually build up the essence of your poem, the thing that needs to be said in a clear, loud & also beautiful fashion..

    • Wow! That would be amazing, my friend. As someone I look up to, in the writing community.

      I’m humbled that I’ve impressed you in that way. Truly thankful for you!

    • You already know! I’ve got many more to share. But I’ma do so sporadically. Always appreciate you, & your positivity.

  3. As a follower of the old site and on your poetry site, it has been a pleasure knowing you and reading your works. You’ve been very inspiring and encouraging to me. This poem is just pure brilliance. Keep on keeping on bro!

    • J-rid, I’m beyond grateful for you. You’ve inspired me just as many times. Thank you for your allegiance. Means everything!

      • No problem bro.

      • Appreciate you..

  4. Amazing Rome and captivating, this is writing based on feelings allowing the reader to be placed in that moment you felt. Thanks bro…

    • Thank you for taking the time to read, & comment!

      Awesome that you felt this that way.
      I’ve worked hard to create a signature style of writing. It always feels good, when noticed.

      Appreciate it, & you!

  5. I completely relate to this. It’s like some days you wake up and the feeling of depression makes you feel so weak, and your mask is so perfect that no one will ever know how you really feel.

    • So true!

      This is a topic that I write about a lot. It’s one of those things that few understand. I’m happy that you could relate.

      Appreciate you!

  6. I definitely had a feel for this piece, especially due to the emotional turmoil I am experiencing at the moment. Spectacular. Never stop your poetry, it’s exquisite

    • My sincere condolences, if you’re experiencing anything the likes of what I’ve been through. ⚘

      I share this part of me, in hopes that I can help other’s through rough times. However, I’d never wish them upon anyone.

      Thank you, for the kind word’s. Please, feel free to read more of my words. ?

      Stay strong, my friend

  7. “The other day I looked for Heaven,
    ‘n all I saw was f’kin sky.”
    That was an amazing line that I can relate to and that I feel others could as well, yet it seems so personal at the same time. It was a hard hitting line for me. The entire poem overall was very strong and I loved every line.

    • Thank you so much, my friend!

      That’s actually one of my personal favorite lines, of the one’s that I’ve written to date.

      It stems from a conversation that I had, while looking towards the clouds. It’s extremely personal (to me), but I felt like many could relate. I’m happy that you felt it, the way I most likely did.

      The poem I plan on sharing today has a similar feel. As this subject is near & dear to my heart.

      I really appreciate your comment! ⚘

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