Never love what you hate
Never hate what you love
Never act like others because
You are the only one person on this earth
like yourself. So always help
who need help, who seek help
Just spend some time with them

This is your journey
So you have to find a way
To reach your destiny
Never, never look back
Sometimes the path you choose, may
turn out to be a bed of thorns
So no room for second thoughts
There ain’t no going back

This entire world will say you are a total shit
But you are the one who has to decide who it is
Is it yourself or is it the rest of world?
Ask it yourself; you will get answers for it
Speak from your heart, man! Talk to your inside’s
Never let The Satan override your conscience
Never let your guards down
Never let your heart mourn
Never let yourself fail
Never let your foes win.

You’ll feel like no one truly loves you
You’ll feel like nobody really cares about you
And you’ll be willing to admit that
Nobody really needs you here.
Time will come when you realize that
No one’s gonna be with you forever
But you have you; listen to yourself
Because you are the only one person like you
in this world. So fuck the world
if it says you are not good enough
Because no one will understand you
the way you understand you
They don’t know the hell you’ve gone through
You have walked a thousand miles already
But still, the road is rough; Life’s tough!
You are tired and weak
You think it is impossible to take another step
You stood there, in the bluff
But you didn’t fall down, you are still strong
So don’t make decisions off the cuff
Take your time, you hold the cup
of fire inside you. So look inside you
Find your inner strength. You are you
And no can replace you in this world
So listen to your heart, believe yourself
That’s the best thing you can gift yourself.


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