Receiving Infamy


If recognition is the goal,
Official honours reluctantly deserved,
You can endure the pomp and ceremony,
For it is only a matter of time before you are moved on,
If others have allegiance, like the lemmings that you represent,
Inflated by veiled patriotism,
Pretending not to be the bigots that they are,
Yearning for a more volatile but simpler time,
We beg for new leaders, the old matriarch can’t live forever,
She has paid her debt to society,
Speaking in tongues across a raft of people,
Only the old being prepared to listen,
To our detriment, we don’t always treat them right,
It would be so good to talk,
But the age doesn’t allow the exchange of views,
So, we continue to make shocking decisions,
Nothing to defend, we deserve this.

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