Context of Language


Is it racist to not favour a National cuisine, or simply a very dull palette?
Take care when espousing the words that we use,
Mired in stereotype and misunderstanding,
Bury strong views deep into the ground,
Unless you get picked up on meaning,
Confined only to those who first hand hear your words,
Before filtering through hate and misunderstanding,
Referencing doctrine, unfounded belief,
And spreading your lies to the masses,
No right to reply, make the record correct,
And published verbatim with spin,
Others less intelligently use your words as their own,
Restructured and formed so offensively,
So novel, for time, it will all blow away,
The scars, you are only left hurting,
Encouragement comes from understanding of friends,
As a public outcry wanes once unproven,
But tarnished pariah remains.

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