Our First Five Kisses


The first time you kissed me.

I mean, really kissed me.
Not just a smooch.
All my dreams came true.

I know I acted like a tease but the truth was I really wanted you.
To feel your sapid lips brush against mine, was a fantasy that I often played out in my mind.

The real kiss we shared was better than I could have ever dreamed.
When we kissed my whole body tingled with desire.

There was magic in the air.
I could feel the sexual chemistry between us, as you ran your fingers through my hair.

You put your arms around my waist and pulled me closer.
It took my breath away.
I was left speechless.
My heart pumping after you walked away.
I couldn’t wipe that damn grin off my face.

The smell of cigarette smoke lingered on my lips but I liked it.
It reminded me of kissing you.

The sensation of your stubble rubbing up against my smooth face still tickled long after the kiss was done.
It made me crave another one.

The second time, you kissed me.
I took it all in.
The softness of our lips and the curve of your mouth.
I wanted to take you away somewhere, make out with you on a couch.

The third time you kissed me.
We took our time.
Kissed each other a little more slowly.
I enjoyed it even more than the other times.

The fourth time you kissed me.
I was the one that made the first move.
The fourth kiss was when found our groove.
Sneaking in more tongue.
Being playful and having more fun.

The fifth time we kissed.
That was my favorite.
It was passionate and romantic.
The kind of kiss every girl dreams of.
I felt your strong shoulders lean into my body and my the whole world fell away.
I wanted to collapse in your arms.
For you, to whisk me away.
When we finished we looked into each other’s eyes.
That was the moment we said “I love you” for the first time.
I will never forget that kiss for as long as I live.
It was the moment I realized we were both serious.

I still long for your kisses and your touch.
I want you.
I crave the taste of your lips against mine.
I have lost count of all the times we have kissed.

But the number doesn’t matter.
Just like the first five times, when we kiss now it is still magic and bliss.
Your kisses still make me heart skip a beat and makes my head spin.

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