If I didn’t give my consent would… it would NOT be okay.
Yet, you continue anyway.
You hold me down with force
I swear, it turns you on when I scream.
I yell for help. I scream for you to get off of me
You don’t listen to my pleas.
You hold are hands around my neck.
The look in yours eyes is so cold and sinister.
I fear for my life that you will chock me to death.
I cry and I tell you to you to “please, stop.”
Wait…why am I saying please to a rapist?
Toss manners aside.
Now you are a rapist as you take advantage of me today.
The nightmare of what happened today will forever haunt me.
It will be ingrained into my brain and change the course of my life.
You son of a bitch, you had no right.
Because of you I am scared to be touched.
Because of you I can never get close enough.
People try to get close me and I put my guard up.
A natural reaction after what you put me through.
I just want to forget it that’s what I wanna do.
Why did you have to rape me that night?
What was going on through your mind?
You are sick and twisted and I can’t wrap my head around how you think.
The next time I saw you, you blamed it on the drinks.
But that is no excuse for what you have done.
To you, it was fun.
I have a feeling I am not the only one.
If I gave consent it would be okay but I told you no.
Then you continued anyway.
Holding me down so hard that I couldn’t escape.
Now I know what it is like to be raped.


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