Gone but not Forgotten


Lost my grandpa the other day and now my heart is heavy/Tears flow freely enough to break a levee/I mean damn, I knew you have to leave one day just didn’t another chance to hold your hand/Joy comes in the morning so they say /but I have and some sleepless nights so it makes it hard to get through the day/ I wish I could and helped with the chess compressions /and maybe then I wouldn’t be stressing/Cause I could say I tried the way you did after the stroke/ You showed us for 5 years how strong you can be/ and I’m thinking I’m getting old at 40 what the hell is wrong with me? /No pain can match with the fight you gave daily regardless of how you felt/ Your funeral is coming up and I think I might need some help/ You made it cool to be a Cleveland on some of your better days/ I won’t let your memory die as we go our separate ways. Your birthday is coming soon and I know you did not forget about mine/ I know you was smiling down on me letting me know everything will be fine ?


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