My Boyfriend’s Shirt


My Boyfriend’s Shirt

Doing laundry today,

I stumble across my favorite tee.

It brings back lots of memories.

To the moment, we became friends to the day we fell in love.

My boyfriend’s shirt reminds me of all of that and more.

A shirt purchased from Target,

that hits all the right marks.

My boyfriend’s shirt

is flesh colored.

Almost invisible on him from a distance.

It blends right in, it look good on him.

The first time he wore it,

I commmented that he looked naked.

Yes, I was flirting with him.

A simple shirt ignited a spark between us.

A romance built by a cotton blend.

It was the bridge that brought us closer.

A big city boy and a suberb girl now travel the same road.

No matter how many times it has been washed.

The shirt smells of lingering cigarette smoke.

When I wear it though it makes me feel at home.

The shirt captures his whole being.

His essence.

He gave the shirt to me.

To me, that was a gesture of him saying “you’re my girl.”

I can wear the shirt anytime.

Day or night.

I wear it with jeans and a plaid shirt.

I wear just the shirt and not much else.

Those are the moments I miss him most, if you can’t tell.

I wear it when I sleep.

I am glad that, it is mine to keep.

Now part of him is with me, whenever I choose.

It’s become like a security blanket.

A treasured gift that I will never let go.

When he is away,

I want to pull the shirt closer.

Breathe it in.

I pull the shirt over my head.

The moment I do, I feel like I am with him.

He is right here with me.

Making me laugh and telling me all his goofy jokes.

As good as the shirt looks on me though.

It still looks best on him.

When I think of the shirt,

I imagine it laying on top of his strong chest.

I don’t know what is softer his skin or shirt.

But I am dying to find out.

I used to get jealous when he wore it.

I longed to be just as close to him.

The shirt is cozy.

It covers my body and wraps me up.

The shirt has become like a best friend that I trust.

I fold the shirt and put it away.

Safe and secure in my dresser drawer.

I think of how much I love my boyfriend’s shirt.

But not as much as I love him.

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