My Favorite Melody


You are sleeping next to me.

Snoring ever so loudly.

But I can’t help but stare at you lovingly even though you annoy me.

You hog the covers.

You don’t always wake up at the sound of your alarm, I’ve discovered.

You rub your cold feet against my leg and I tell you to go away.

Your morning breath reeks and what is that smell under the sheets?

But when the lights go out at the end of the day…

There is no other place I want to lie.

Right here, in bed with you, is where I want to spend my time.

Going to bed with you at night and waking up with you in the morning, too.

This is part of what I looked forward to when we said our I do’s.

Seeing each other’s quirks and flaws.

But still being there for each other everyday.

Choosing to always love each other no matter who hogs the covers today.

You are all I want everyday.

I hope you and your ice cold feet never walk away.

I will get you a breath mint for your breath and even put up with your loud alarm clock and stinky sheets.

Come sleep next to me tonight.

As long as you are beside me, I know everything will be alright.

The sound of your snoring has turned into a favorite melody.


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