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Closure of an Open Mind

These streets will never bear my name

I wouldn’t want them to

’cause it’s not where I found

The curious child inside of you


But the sky will keep a handprint of my own

A fading blue, so that strangers can tell the time

& the ghost of a small town boy will be waiting

For release, in echoes of an unspoken rhyme


Yet the streets will never bear his name

The outcast for his kind

Marked since birth for paths he chose

& those that lay behind


Only sounds will carry a part that he left

Reminding him of harmonies of a long awaited chime

The shade of a smiling lunatic still whistling

’til the voices of night learn that unspoken rhyme


A tone from below the seas

Or a whisper from the trees

He remembers there’s a song

That will bring him sweet release


From the screams that haunt his dreams

From the strains that brought him pain

From his lust that’s turned to dust

Through every flashback in his brain


“There he is

The heretic

A madman on the run”

They screamed as all the world has watched

the father shoot the son


There they stood & saw life fade

But never dared to try

To save whatever’s left of it

Within his last outcry


& now a street won’t bear his name

He wouldn’t want the shame

Of being born & buried again

In a world with that old frame


’til art is more than recreating

& when all memories to rest we lay

The ghost of a suburban kid will be waiting

On his own road, to steal the morning away



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  1. Haunting and full of wonder and melancholy as ever Nebojsa! I’m glad I can use this site again and keep track of all my old friend’s writes!

  2. A genuine master at manufacturing beautiful, tragic, pieces. “The shade of a smiling lunatic still whistling ’til the voices of night learn that unspoken rhyme” hit me the most, and the fact that I can’t describe my reaction in words speaks volumes… Incredible, man. A master at your craft, bro.

    • NB NB

      this is the sort of poem I’ve been trying to write ever since I started writing.. and every time I experimented in poetry, it was a step away from this, from what I imagined back then.. and then, strangely, by experimenting, I wrote this, and after a while I read it once again and realized that I finally did it.. so it’s really great to know you loved it.. 🙂

      takes one to know one 😉

  3. midnight—rain

    In awe of what I just read. I love the way you write and convey emotion. It’s ethereal. Mesmerizing. And so, so, full of meaning and beauty. I am forever a fan of yours.

    • NB NB

      Ethereal and mesmerizing are the words to be used ONLY to describe your poetry, because they simply sound so much like you.. I mean, your comments are more beautiful than some poems 😀 but anyway.. thank you.. I’m really happy you loved it! (:

  4. The way you piece words together like a magnificent puzzle always renders me awed.

    This is the type of writing I hope to one day add to my bag of tricks.

    Never disappointed, my friend!

    • NB NB

      I’ll remember this… thank you so much for the support 🙂

  5. You’re not simply a poet youre a stoeyteller…its beautiful and aweing for real youre amazing…incredible job?

  6. Finally able to comment here (been having log in issues). This, like all your other poems is amazing. Like I’ve said before, you’re one of the best writers out there and with each piece you knock it out of the park. You can create a haunting yet emotional story that draws the reader in and keep him there to the end, which is sometimes hard to do. This is what poetry is all about! Great job, bro.

    • NB NB

      I’ve had the same problem last night, but it seems it fixed itself.. what do I say? thank you? noo, that’s not enough.. but i guess it’ll do for now, until I come up with something better.. 😀

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