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Baby’s journey

(When a medical friend asked me if I could pen a poem on baby’s embryonic journey in the womb, I came out with this piece….the first line means conception through union…the rest takes care of itself)

Set in by raptures and ecstasies
Setting foot firmly
On the metronic ground set
Setting around the anchor
Settling in its own cradle
Rock and roll and rock and roll
Kicking around with tiny foot
Sending the mentor mom to raptures
Setting in brisk pace
And setting through the term
Winding up the last leg
And when it is all hands and legs and ready
Lo! With hop, skip and jump
With a quantum leap and slide
The candy landed splashing
Landed splashing landed ‘plauding
Rolling ball and rolling doll
Ringing bell and chiming tunes
Cotton bud or candy cotton
Bundle of joy and tender of breeze
Setting the mentor mom to raptures and ecstasies!

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