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The Poetry of Silence

I find you in every word

Every promise made

In every story I’ve heard


You, the light of every shade

Were born from my dream

From love undefined

From visions ever blurred


You’re the moment’s Infinite

The eternally unwritten

The meaning in absurd


You’re the poem I couldn’t read

A symphony of a heart

That still remains unheard


& is there love

More touching

Than the one

That’s never found?


Is there music

More beautiful

Than silence

Behind the sound?



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  1. Ahhhh..

    Toy never cease to amaze me, with your brilliance. Always thoroughly captivated, by your mind. This was dope!

  2. Very similar to an experience I had that I’ll share at another time. It’s a strange combination of joy and sorrow that you’ve portrayed well! Great write.

  3. midnight—rain

    I love love poems. Especially when you write them. There’s such delicate beauty in this. As if you are just touching the surface of love yet that feeling still runs deep. I don’t know. It’s just brillant.

    • NB NB

      It kinda makes sense since it was inspired by someone I couldn’t describe.. After months of trying, I just gave up, & wrote this.. That’s the poetry of silence.. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment 🙂

      • “inspired by someone I couldn’t describe..”
        That truly is beauty – behind the madness of written expression lies heart. Amazing write… Ironically, I’m having trouble finding the words to describe this. Sublime? Yeah, we’ll go with sublime 🙂

      • NB NB

        I guess we all lack the words then..? haha thanks, bro.. glad to have your support 🙂

  4. Another great piece by you bro. Great job on this. Enjoy your work always.

  5. I don’t like this one, poorly written… Who am I kidding, it’s great poetry once again. I enjoyed reading and will read it again. Silence is an obsession and you sure know how to speak about it. Thanks my friend for sharing this.

    • NB NB

      yea, & I thought you were being serious lol

      thanks a lot.. silence is inspiring if heard in the right way 😉

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