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Dead Whispers

Shadowless lips
Desolate hearts
Serpentine tongues pollute my soul 

Slithering through the secrets

They bathe in the flames of my dwindling glow

Murderous longing
Invisible blades
Rogue memories breathe life into the scars that dont fade

Softer than perfect clouds
More mellifluous than the sea
Your gentle eyes ignite a slowly fading poet’s ink

Until we meet again
For thou now singeth with the wind
Danceth with the trees

Until we meet again

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  1. I love your use of language, very unique. Also the font lends to the dark atmosphere. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Simply put together in an amazing way. Love the concept and the feel to this.

  3. Refreshing piece of writing.
    I enjoy the style you chose.
    Very nice.

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