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Dreamscape Voyage (Part 1)

Fatigued, my body prepares to sleep

My eyelids close  to build the key

That creates a portal to my dreams

And awakens my mind to an amazing scene.


A vast moonlit plain before me

A gentle wind enhances its glory

And then approaches a familiar stranger

I see no threat and feel no danger.


A new face forged from ones I’d known

And upon locking eyes his excitement had shown

“You long for this world, so step inside

Since you know my face, I’ll be your guide”


And so we began our journey there

For once in my life I was truly prepared

To see this world my mind had made

To journey through what hides from day.


We wandered for what seemed like hours

As this mighty field did boast its powers

“Take a final look and dry your tears

For next we sail your sea of fears”




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  1. Well it’s official – I’m hooked! Way to build intrigue as amazingly as you did, brother 🙂 I look forward to the continuation!

  2. amazing scene it is.. I believe it is the ambient you set up here that reminds me of some of Dio’s lyrics.. can’t wait to read the next part 🙂

  3. Wow, this is good.
    I especially like the area you left off.
    Looking forward to the second part of this journey. That sea of fears is a rough one!

    • I too am looking forward to the sea of fears as strange as that sounds. It’s rough, but maybe not as bad as it seems!

  4. A great way to start off a series. Pull in the reader and keep them looking for more. Way to go!

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