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Faint musical lips
On eagles’ wings they soar
Gently sooth my aching soul
But from oceans away with the tunes they compose

Through the seven seas they voyage
Through a thousand stars they sing
Through a thousand worlds i’ll seek you
For a thousand lives i’ll bleed

A timeless love so perfect
A perfect smile so sweet
The sweet scent of your essence
Forever haunts my feeble dreams

I hope one sun to find you
I hope one moon to see
See the soft tones of your beauty

Gently guide my heart to peace

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  1. This is such an elegant piece of writing.
    That last line hit me hard.

    Well done!

  2. These type of poems are great! I can dig this one. Great feel to this piece. Love the way the words are used here. Great job!

  3. Yeah I think Rome used the proper term: elegant. This was quite the write, graceful as if your words dance with one another, and you’re the literary composer. I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

  4. NB NB

    to me, it sounds incredibly soothing.. the words you use contribute so much to such beautiful imagery.. & I agree with the others, the elegance is real 🙂

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