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Sometimes I jus’ wanna cry,
for no apparent reason.


Then there are those times
when I’m full-on depressed,
‘n I blame the change in season.


However, I could never cut myself.
I’m forty one fricken years old.


I’ve even learned through maturity
how to place these tears on hold.


Talk about feelin’ the cold.


It’s become tough to rationalize
how within an instance m’mind
becomes thoroughly bogged.


I’ve got a house, a spouse, children,
vehicle’s, a job, and a family dog.


There’s absolutely no good excuse
as t’why I should be overcome by
this mentally debilitating fog.


Yet, it happens.


It happens more than I’d like to admit.


In fact,
I’ve had dreams where I attend my own
funeral – ‘n view myself in the f’kin casket.


I count the number of friend’s who attend
my services like a picnic – to basque it.


I don’t know how, or why, I have this dream.
It’s really difficult, at times, to grasp it.


As I tell myself;


Be happy rome.
Be happy rome.
Be happy rome.


How many times can you bare it all,
through a melancholy driven poem?


Here we are.


Exposing scar, after scar, after scar,
that these lyrics have verbally sewn.


This depression is a motherf’ker.


Ain’t that some shit.


Who’d have known?


-rome ©2017

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  1. chrismcknight

    Hey Rome love what you written here, deeply emotional
    and yet inspirational. Full of feelings that’s unbreakable yet powerful. Keep ’em
    coming. #BeEpic ??????????

    • Chris – First off, it’s nice to meet you, M’dude!

      Secondly, thank you for taking the time to read/comment. Means a lot to me.

      Trust me, this is only the beginning. I’ve got a full bag of lyrical fire to share.

      I’m just picking my moments. Please be sure to read my previous posts, & I’ll do the same by you.

      Much appreciated!

  2. I’m always lost in your words and it takes a while for me to snap out of what I’ve just read. Real talk, you are one poet that will forever be deep in my mind. I always strived to be different from other writers and I see you are the same way. I salute you and you’re blazing a path that will set your place in history. These words will always leave a mark for generations to come. Respect.

    • Respect..

      That goes a long way, in my humble soul. You know you push me, just as much as I push you. I’ve always seen greatness in your word’s.

      I’m elated that your finding similarities in mine.

      Thanks, my brother!

  3. Wow, Rome… what a truly devastating but immensely powerful write, my friend. The battle occurs within us all, but you managed to personalize your struggle so passionately. Vulnerable yet mesmerizing, I was in such a trance reading this. One of your most powerful, in my opinion.

    • Well, dang, Cy..

      It’s kinda hard to respond to this one. Because this is Me.

      This is the reason I wear a dog tag around my neck with a “;” on one side, & the word’s “The Struggle” on the other.

      I have no answers. All I can do is own it. Even if that means baring it all, on paper, from time to time.

      Thank you so much, for your supportive words.

  4. First of all this is some real shit you wrote down. I’m glad that you pictured a normal person dealing with emotional issues. People think there has to be something going wrong in a person’s life in order for them to experience depression or anxiety and often that is not the case. Great topic you’ve brought to light here. Cheers

    • When I said I share some of the REALEST poetry out there, I wasn’t overembellishing.

      This is MY struggle. The “normal” person is Me.

      I share all of me, in hopes that other’s can relate. In doing so, I hope they receive hope. Even if it’s but a little.

      Because, albeit a difficult task, it is manageable, by digging deep down inside.

      Appreciate you!

      • Wow. Very cool of you to share your story this way. Makes me appreciate it even more knowing that. Maybe there is another person out there dealing and you’ve helped them by sharing.

      • I receive messages, from time to time. It’s humbling, to say the least.
        Thank you, for caring, & showing that love/support!

        Means everything.

  5. NB NB

    the rule “show, don’t tell” in specific cases isn’t really appropriate cause you can say things explicitly without losing the element that defines art as opposed to basically everything else.. or, simply put, you can write whatever you like, it’ll still sound great.. the art is always in the way you put the pieces together 🙂 & I’m not talking about any “you”, I’m talking about Rome

    • Sometimes I honestly don’t know how to respond. This, is one of those cases.

      Thank you, for always being a voice. I don’t think I say this enough. It means everything to have my word’s acknowledged in such a way.

      Much appreciated, my friend!

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