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Truth is,


Not everythin’ happens
the way it’s supposed to.


There are plenty of day’s
where happiness fades,
‘n I’ve run out of ways –
to properly approach you.


Of course,


Not every day goes this way,
but while honesty is a slew;


I’ve gotta admit,
when it comes t’this shit,
that more often than not,
when I’m placed on the spot –
mos’days sadly do.


In fact,


I’d have t’say that,
in your own way,
you’re one of the few who,
when I’m down ‘n out
‘n feelin’ kinda blue,
I’m able t’open up to.


But don’t get it twisted,
as I’ve also listed,
happiness in there too.


Rest assured,


There you are, all by yourself,
across the still of the room.


While I’m still unsure as to
which emotion y’boy should
fully bring out – to bloom.


Come full tilt with the happy,
or t’lead off with the gloom?


You see,


Every aspect of your bein’,
I wanna wholeheartedly consume.


With tales of rainy night’s – that
flood my mind like a monsoon.


Then we can all sail – on each fairytale,
by way of a mythical rythmical pontoon.


Then again,


It’s so easy for me t’let loose ‘n totally lose
control over the nonsense that lit my fuse.


Which causes me t’lash out ‘n abuse
every single syllable that my quill spews;




-rome ©2017

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  1. Another instant classic from you. Never cease to amaze and inspire. Big fan here bro!

    • Means everything, M’dude!
      Thank you for that.
      I really appreciate you. 💯

  2. consistently amazing work from you again, rome. im more shocked that you arent blowing up large scale at this point! even IF most people think they hate poetry.

    • Thanks so much, my friend!
      I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. When it’s my time, it’ll happen when it’s meant to.

      Truly humbled by your support, & kindness. 💕

  3. You really are great with description Jerome! I always know exactly what these topics mean to you when I finish reading your poems. I don’t mind cryptic poetry, but yours are always crystal clear!

    • I’ve nothing to hide, my friend.
      My goal is to write so that EVERYONE understands exactly what’s on my mind.

      I honestly feel like poetry gets a bad rep because a minimal amount of people understand the point in which the author is trying to get across. For the most part..

      (Ever try reading Robert Frost? Oye..)

      Thank you for trusting in me/my word’s.
      Means everything!

  4. your work is like the best of rap method and pure poetry. that aint easy…you are immensely talented. you dont seem like the type to get a big head which makes your work even better. may good be on ya

    • Never that, my friend!
      We’re all out here grindin’.
      I consider myself lucky to be part of this community.

      I know I’ve still got a lot to learn, but that’s what makes every poem an adventure.

      I appreciate you!

  5. NB NB

    immensely talented – I’m stealing that.. there’s nothing I haven’t said already.. you’re simply one of the greatest writers that I know.. the world needs you man! 😉

    • Means EVERYTHING, brother!
      I can’t even begin to tell you..

      Thank you so much!

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