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When we attend church
the priest asked us all to
bow our heads – in the
name of our Lord ‘n Savior,
while we all pray.


To which we did so willingly.


In school we were trained to
recite the pledge of allegiance,
before we could start our day.


To which we did so willingly.


In times of war the military held
a draft, where many were told
that they were going to fight
for their beloved U.S. of A.


To which many did so willingly.


While attending athletic events
we’re asked to remove our hats
and stand up before the National
Anthem would begin to play.


To which we did so willingly.


Recently, much in part to social
media – injustices all around the
globe have been exposed – and
freedoms have been taken away.


To which many died UNWILLINGLY.


Blood flowin’ spillingly.
Body coolin’ chillingly.


Downright f’kin killingly.


It’s killin’ me.


There’s been so much this week
that I’ve tried to respectfully say.




Everyone takes everythin’ so fricken
personal – that it’s become so hard
to have an adult conversation t’day.




Ever since Kaepernick started kneelin’.
Got e’ry flag huggin’ American squeelin’.
They don’t find these protests appealin’.


And here I am all – fk racial profilin’.
I love my Country, & the flag – BUT
I’m not tryna politically go whilin’.


I see the bigger picture.


Whether you’re black, white, yellow,
brown, or an even mixture.


I get it.


Unfortunately, it seems as though
racism is a permanent “American” fixture.


But at least we can still Salute & Sing.
Dependent upon your race – ‘n what
tomorrow might bring.


“Hands up!”




-rome ©2017

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  1. Such a powerful rally cry… Ugh. Keep these coming man 🙂

    • Appreciate you, Cy.

      I get so tired of people avoiding the bigger picture, while focusing on trivial matters.

      It’s like; “How am I the only one that understands?”

  2. An emotional and powerful piece that just gets me emotional. I love my country but I don’t agree with what’s going on and nobody seems to question why we are so hated and why all the weather upsets punishing this nation. You’ve written this very well and I applaud you.

    • This is as political as I get.

      Nothing infuriates me more, than prejudism/racism.

      We’re supposed to be a free country. Unfortunately, we look down our noses on anything/one that doesn’t fit our criteria or beliefs.

      Meanwhile, our county is becoming the laughing stock of the world.

      Anyways.. Thank you, bro!

  3. NB NB

    a huge problem that often leads to a lack of understanding is identifying a country with its leader (government etc.) & every attempt at criticizing a certain policy makes you an enemy of the country & a heretic.. that’s how Nazis kept “good patriots” within the system..

    finding such observations in this piece is yet another reason to praise your work.. to me, art is primarily about sending a message (or telling a story, it’s basically the same) & this shows how great you are not just at making it look/sound good, but also making it meaningful..

    • When I wrote this, I was full on venting.

      I didn’t think anyone would listen.
      Everyone’s got an opinion.
      You know how that goes.

      But I didn’t want this to go unsaid.
      Regardless of what other’s thought.

      Your word’s hold so much truth in them. Someone else that gets it!

      Thank you, my friend.

  4. wow, that was great. Like the subject matter, says a lot but you weren’t being too preachy and I liked the repeat of “Did so Willingly.”

    • Thanks, Rob!

      Sometimes I feel like it’s important to state the obvious, like “did so willingly” in order to lay the grounds for the greater message.

      I’m happy you picked up on that.

  5. Powerful write. A very strong message. It’s hard to watch what is happening to our nation and I fear it is only going to get worse.

    • I believe it’ll get worse, before it gets better.. for sure.

      There’s so much unnecessary violence, in this world. Moreso, in our country. We’re killing off our nation on the daily.. sometimes over a pair of sneakers. Other times, over less. It’s sad.

      I just hope we’re not entered into another war, because our POTUS has a heavy Twitter finger.

      Appreciate you, my friend!

  6. That could really be the very good lyrics to a very good rap song. Powerful and meaningful. I love it

    • That’s something I hear often.
      I guess my style of poetry is different.

      I like to think of myself as a Lyricist.

      Thank you for the kind word’s!
      Appreciate you, bro.

      • Master lyricist then would be a more suitable attribute.

      • Haha

        I hope so. One day!

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