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Without Trust there is no Love

The one word I use for love is vital to my happiness

Trust is more important to me than great sex

I have had both in my life until the year 2016

I discovered some untruths to my wife’s words

36 years I had her on a pedestal bound for heaven

There was no way she would ever not love me

I caught her in a few lies that made me seek  more

My thirst for the truth led me into some dark places

Could the one person I trusted most betray my love ?

I was hoping I was wrong as most men would

I thought this union was on the forever path

I found some things as I looked in bank and phone records

I soon pretended I was Jim Rockford and I was onto something

That something was more deceit as then evidence was no longer discreet

To sum up what could turn into a gripping novel

I no longer have a forever in my life

I still am waiting between court dates to hear the truth

It’s no secret she was fooling around

I wish I had hired someone to like Cheaters to investigate my situation

I let my emotions take over and I made the situation turn ugly

She was more prepared as she used family to hide the real story

I was suddenly on the outside but with no way to look in

She used the law to obtain an unwarranted restraining order

There was no need for protection from any violence

But there was need on her part to hide the truth

She used that to turn my kids against me

Today I have almost no family and few friends

I have no time to start a new family

Anyone else starting over past 60?

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