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Mother Nature

I see her

Lips are pale

yet red

Skin is white

Porcelain touch

Raven hair

Long and soft

Eyes caress you

With golden touch

And hint of green sea

Voice like a bird

Song of a whale

Foot steps that merely whisper

I see her

This beauty

That men dream of

That angels touch

I see her

This flower


I see her

And create her

In my dreams

I see her

The oceans soul

The earths heart

Gods creation

A consciousness beyond

I see her

Yet I feel a sadness

I see her

Crying with tar and oil

Missing forests of freckles

Covered in plastic mosquitoes 

I see her

Beaten by human nature

Starved of life

Depleted of needs

I see her

The beauty she was

The beauty she is

And the beauty to  be lost

I see her

I hear her cry

I see her

Red lips

Sea green eyes with a golden touch

Feel her porcelain skin

See her mountainous black lashes

Forest freckled skin

And long for her

I see her

I need her

We need her

I see her 





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