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Pale Faced Asphyxiation

Etched into
The black book of sadness
Was the script of a vendetta
That sought out
My name

But I’ll tell you
Now with my last breath
That the sickle of the Reaper
Has bled dry
These veins

Laying alone
Contemplating my death
Sickly living a life in fear
While dust covers
This brain

I’m ready to begin my descent
Pale faced asphyxiation

The walls that once surrounded
My head
Have been shattered with both of
These hands
The blood of my guilt sadly colored
In red
Now paint the mattress
With a departing stain

This is not a death
But vengeance
Against the weak man
That I used to be
This is but yet
Just the beginning
Of a tale so unfortunately

And the seven pages are torn
Where brighter days
Should’ve been seen
It’s a joke and nothing more
I spiral into a catastrophe

Woven into this tragic story
You seem to be shit out of luck

Now the book has sewn itself shut
Pale faced asphyxiation

The darkness is forever a winter here
That looms across an abused heart
And the silence is more than a lullaby
Sung to a child
Who was dead from the start

Do you ever wonder
If the corpse can still breathe
For so many years
Buried beneath

If the nightcrawlers spilling
From its cranium
Could somehow
Still possibly feed

Do you ever wonder
What sunlight is
To the eyes that can
No longer see

Do the deceased raise questions
Deserving of answers
Or should we not
Dare to seek

Through death I feel so much love
Pale faced asphyxiation

The night was alive
And it possessed one pale eye
The chilling moon glowed
In the wicked black sky

And the devil watched with pride
As his child took its time
Their meeting with doom
Would surely soon arrive

I declined this life to escape one form
Of Hell
For within this world I could no longer

And with a means to be saved
And to a False God I prayed
Finally delivered
From this life which was cursed
Finally delivered
And now rid of the hurt

No longer an enemy to the sun
Pale faced asphyxiation

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  1. La dee! You make me wish I could hear this sung. I daresay if the tune was captivating I’d forgive the lyrics. However, the lyrics baldly writing out a manifesto for the graveyard’s indulgence I’m struggling with the keyboard’s inability to shake the writer from his melancholic reflections.

    • This is thankfully just an old song I wrote, the style of my band is pretty odd. But thank you so much for taking the time to read what I have to share, I appreciate it! 🙂

      • My pleasure, frankly, and if you have a link whence I might listen to your band, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Regarding your other comment: We aren’t under a label, jut practicing and fleshing out concepts. When we start recording I’ll make a YouTube channel and post the link in my bio, thank you for your kindness, it means a great deal to me!

      • Ooh! I can’t wait! I’ve had YouTube channel since 2010 and only this year finally posted a sorry recording in lieu of the better which didn’t actually record. There are the downright famous on there and all the little nobodies and the famous idiots who made it big cuz they knew how to post appealing content. I’m content to be me, which is another of countless nobodies in the real world.

    • You know, I still remember being a kid in 2006 and just discovering so many funny, original, and memorable content on YouTube! So many people I’ve been subscribed to since 2008, some of their channels dead, and most of the content creators are not even original to who they really were anymore, basically selling out – very disheartening. YouTube is just a disgusting mess of sellouts, and click bait content now, its lost its soul, just like so many other facets of life consumed by social media. Everybody wants to be a somebody, and not just be a wonderful nobody, I couldn’t agree any more with you.

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