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Flight of the Fly

Feeling sought, a new clasp in the corners

Of chasm bows colliding a color through the shades

Better days, lifting out the heat sauntering voluptuous

Thrills seeking in the reek of my own profession

Undone on top whistles creating pseudonyms sashay

Veils of idyll cross robotics- easy to harass the donned

In the tribal blue and the sky of gold

Sparkling alphabetical form

Ambidextrous flattering the patience of fire

Suing the mess, in the whip of spiders

Gain thorns lessened flight corridor

Holes in the wind

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  1. Is your work stream of consciousness, or are your words and phrases carefully chosen?

  2. I have different ways of approaching a poem. I like writing free flow and then a title. I don’t like repeating words that often, assembling with what I got in my vocab. So even if I have a few words random, my past Latin seems they fit. Is that right?

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