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I’ve felt poor, ‘n I’ve felt rich.
I’ve had it all, ‘n ain’t had piss.


If there’s but one thing that I’m
most certain of – I’d have t’say
it’s THIS;


Money doesn’t buy happiness,
for those that’re broke as isht!


Even food becomes dissipative.


At a young stage, most kids my age
learned t’be REALLY f’kin creative.


Or else our asses were goin’ t’bed
hungry as hell, without.


I’m tellin’ you this with certainty,
as not t’leave ANY doubt.


Hell, I’m not the King of Poverty,
but I believe I have some clout.


I really hate t’brag – but I know
what fixin’ various meatless
sandwiches is all about.


It’s one of the cheapest meals
that the refrigerator reveals –
when y’cupboards are fully out.


And hand me downs are like
merry-go-rounds when your
Family is full of boys.


The same goes for bedding,
active wear, ‘n various types
of, sometimes broken, toys.




Oh, the joys.


Havin’ lived through the worst
of times – is reason enough
to rejoice.


Knowin’ it helped me become
the person that I am today –
gives purpose to my voice.


Err.. pen.


Money can’t buy my happiness,
because I refuse to rely on it
ever AGAIN.


I’m too old for that.

-rome ©2017

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    • So much truth, in that line..

      Thank you, my friend!
      Appreciate you.

  1. Bravo! A catchy, sassy verse about the flipside of wealth.

  2. Money does nothing more than give one an undeserved sense of power. Sure it’s nice to be able to have the things you want, but not at the expense of devaluing what you had before getting paid. Man I really relate with this poem and that coupled with your usual brilliance makes this one of my favorites of yours!

    • I agree with you, one hundred percent!
      If not for the need off money, I’d already be retired. 😂😂

      Thank you, M’dude!

  3. Good write Rome, sense of humor blended in to a moral reads so fine. I myself have been a fan of meatless sandwiches over the years.

    • Guys like us need to stick together!
      Appreciate the kind word’s.
      Thank you!

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