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Back home at Poetfreak

I’m back, in familiar grounds,

A home I once had,

A comforting visual without sounds,

I slept and woke here,

Camped out many nights,

And verbalized my fears,

Thoughts flowed like water,

Feelings drizzle like rain,

Heartache and emotional slaughter,

But I was never alone,

Many friends heard me,

And I made this home….

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  1. ..”feelings drizzle like rain”. This sounds like you found a comfort in the familiar things you surrounded yourself in. Was this a return to happier times I wonder?

    • I was on the original Poetfreak website before it was hijacked and taken down. It was a great and simple sight. Spent a lot of times expressing myself. I made many friends.

      • Yeah. Open Diary was like that for me. Was sad to see it go..

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