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Retro City Foundation Anniversary

Set the time & date to zero

I’d love to watch it all begin

An endless void to a strange creation

A godless man in the garden of sin


Bring the world back to a blank page

So I can watch the fall again

Released from what I’ve learned so far

A different man’s been kept within


I lived through times, they live through me

A being that’s never being, just been

& wrapped its eyes in false denials

Carved ancient legends in its skin


so life’s been sucked out

& left formless

between the lines so strong & thin

Though I could fight your made up monsters

I know there’s no chance I could win


I’ve seen it grow, I’ve seen it fall

been both the god & beast in men

such flawed creation led astray

to choose a pogrom over zen


I’d bring the world a new beginning

But would it be the same again?

A desperate search beyond the stars

To find the key that’s kept within



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  1. I very much like the cosmic visuals in this. It’s a nice pair with the cerebral story!

    • NB NB

      been watching Rick & Morty lately, so yeah, had to xD thanks man!

  2. Yooooooooooooooooooo!

    ” godless man in the garden of sin”

    Oh, holy hell.. 🔥🔥🔥
    Too much fire, brother!

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