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The Guy At The End Of The Bar

Tell them that the night has faded with their expectations

so there will be no moaning allowed

there are too many cats in attendance

who don’t understand the gravity in their guts

and I ain’t got time to explain.

Let them know how low the feeling has gotten

how the swine and the snakes mingle

in this muddy arena all full of giggles and lying

and that the main man the big guy

is a psychopath here to tear out their guts

and watch them putrefy as they gape in horror.

Give them this message of rock hard stinging truth

you are gonna fall down and rot and nobody’s gonna care

for long.

Scream at em if you have to yell and yell

that the sound of their voices is sickening to the bell master

he has got other things to do

eating and such.

Put it on a damn billboard


and by the gods balls, they will.

Tell em that, cousin

then bring me a drink.

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