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Beautiful Lies

With one touch of your hand
I fell for your tenderness,
but with a violent jerk
you took away the tenderness
I love.

Over time, I thought
you cared about us,
but all I could find
were your lies.

Breathless beginnings,
endless lies with
doubtful bribes.

All in your favor,
you stole what was mine
(your love).

You treated my love
as if it has no meaning.

My kisses landed but
you brushed them aside.

Like daggers you cut me deep,
watching me bleed,
you then take another slice
until there’s nothing
left of me.

I have been beat
by your beautiful lies,
you are the King of lier’s,
I became your jester
too many times.

I am broken,
my pieces shattered
too thinly for it to matter.

I fought bravely
but in the end
it’s not the brave who survive,
it’s the strong and bold
who keep standing in the storm
who survive.

The break down of love
hurts, it burns like fire,
just as strong as love did
before you broke our bond.

You left me in the dust
after you set the fire

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