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The Final Bow

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As the time draws near I take my final bow.
This is how it feels. It’s all over now.

Looking back at this dimension called life.
Had my share of failures as well as success, I did alright.

When momma gave birth to me, for me, a new age had dawn.
Daddy was so proud when they told him, “A son is born.”

Seems like yesterday when I bought my first car.
Objects in mirror appear closer than they are.

I did whatever I want when I want and how I want.
Some came back my way. In my dreams they did haunt.

I regret a lot of things and some for what I said.
I would speak anything I was thinking in my head.

Things in my grasp I let slip through my hands.
What would’ve become of it? Would I’ve been a better man?

But now looking back I can say I’ve overcome.
I now wait for my reward for the race that I’ve won.

People come by applauding, thanking me for putting on a show.
“Thanks for the memories, Jarid, your life touched us you know.”

Realizing how weak I am, I nod my head someway somehow.
It’s a gesture to them all that I am giving my final bow.

My life has been a rough one. I am tired and ready to sleep.
I did all that I wanted to, so please, don’t you cry for me.

So here I am on my deathbed, but trust me I’ll be alright.
Take my hand my savior, pull it close to you and hold me tight.

With that said, I close my eyes and now I fall asleep.
No more pain or sorrow. It’s the ending of my grief.

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  1. I like the power behind this Jarid! And the build up really made the ending impactful!

    • Thanks Pt! Appreciate it. Hopefully this isn’t my final bow here, because this site is just not the same for me as the old site. Appreciate your comments and the support you’ve shown.

  2. NB NB

    a piece to finish a book with… powerful & honest writing.. good work 🙂

    • Thank you bro. Always a pleasure hearing from you. Appreciate it!

  3. Really enjoyed this one, J-rid!
    You’ve outdone yourself, my friend.

    Great piece of writing.

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