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#66 Ladybug

Ladybug on the lamp oh ladybug on the wall

My oh my you’ve been here since fall

Ladybug on the blinds

Ladybug always on my mind


Ladybug  it’s no wonder why you came in

For it’s supposed to be spring but there’s heavy winter wind

Ladybug don’t know how you got through the window screen tho

Ladybug should I kill you or let you go


Ladybug in some cases a symbol of love

Ladybug though I prefer the dove

Ladybug I hear around here you bite

Ladybug but that doesn’t give me a fright


Ladybug too cute

Ladybug so minute

Ladybug oh how I’ll miss you so

I’m sorry, very sorry, but it’s time for you to go

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