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Bad Character

Bristling, brazen bodily harm

Beat the diggings, darn his composure

Stalwart, states so smug, self satisfied

His wounded victim flees

Those with soul and feelings flee

His epitaphs burn deep

Like searing acid in the open wound

Scream to high heaven

Yet mugged, mouth stuffed

almost to suffocation.


He has lambasted others,

Sets hounds on decent men,

Has cajoled to numb and beat

The old, the homeless, the innocent

He is a bastard, vilified, anathema

Yet who has the right to snuff out

To eradicate, to put him away for good

When no witness dare testify?


He is the dark soul and shadow of fear

In incarnation of all that is painful

And no grand jury has indicted.  Or will indict.


One or more of his tortures on the innocent

His eager bloodthirsty nature open

And his self destructive nature

In hero fashion will pin him too – to the wall

Knife, shoot or hang him

As he has wounded many

And throttled a few.

He will be missed only in contrast

Since quiet and peace will appear

And an omen of good and justice

Flutter like a flag in the wind


Right, fairness must prevail, as it should

Nor is all not forgotten,

No widow will weep

No children attend a father’s funeral

Friends scarce or non-existent

But a new air of calm, of harmony

Will sound as princess justice

Has won again and weighed wisely


Why did it have to take so long?

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