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Whiz Bang


Try counting the seconds as they march

see how long it takes to forget.

Count the names in an old telephone book

and try to get past the A’s.

Count the times an athlete says ya know

then count the times that you do.

Count the number of steps to the bathroom

then the number of breaths in that span.

Count backwards from ten thousand

by 2’s and 5’s alternately.

Count the blades of grass in your minds lawn

and the number of times your foot twitches.

Count the energy expended

in algorithm pattern.


He looked up at me

he had one of those green visors on

looking like a constipated accountant.

Hard, isn’t it? he said.

His desk was crowded with thousands of pieces of paper

all with notes reminding him…

a droplet of sweat hung from his nose.

I had stopped counting

all numb with unknowing

as time happened all at once

a splendid and fantastic vista.

I was folded into a hundred billion cosmic shards.

I spoke to him from across the universe

or his cluttered office…

yes, it is very hard

very hard indeed.


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