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Like a Ghost

Like a Ghost               (please read with background music)

Another sleepless night has come upon me,
which takes me round and round
playing this crazy hide and seek again,
while in the darkness of my home
another lonely spirit wanders by.

She’s dressed in clouds of ethereal smoke,
she gazes timidly my way, as if to ask,
“Are you the remnant of my kind?”
No time to fear nor mourn
the image has eloped.

And while at last I find my rest in bed,
her breathing wakes me up,
as if to say, “Wake-up! let’s play again!”
I distinctly hear her breath,
but there’s no fear in me.
Who knows?
Perhaps, I am the ghost,
who keeps her company.

Copyright @2012

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    • Eli, thanks for your comment. Yes, I wonder at times if I’m not the ghost.

    • Gregory, thank you. I like this site because you can add music, plus we have color too.

  1. I like the mixture of music and poetry. Personally I think that there could be more spacing in the text. That way the poem would be slower to read and it would be more “in sync” with the music, also prolonging the experience. But otherwise nice job!

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