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Land of the free,

where we preach what we see.

Glorify their deaths,

make them out to be legends,

the next new worship.

A oblivious situation,

where we kneel down in celebrity churches.

But hate and kill those who believe in silence,

scared to admit their religious affiliation.


You’ve oppressed a majority to rise a minority.

Turned around and did the same thing,

they did to you, stooped that low,

now do you feel better about how you despise?

Screaming  nonsense and pointing fingers,

spitting out your conformity,

say you want equality but only for those,

who dare agree with you?

It’s not one side or the other,

it’s not liberal or conservative,

it’s not left or right.

It’s a people who  glorify their wrongs as right.


For the sake of conversation,

media is to blame, staking their reputation.

Movies and songs declaring a war.

Don’t you know that the hate  you give,

is the hate you receive?

The hate you create will end up being the hate you make,

and with all this hate, how will you love?

You can’t fight hate with hate,

a brilliant man said that.

You have to love in order to fight back,

instead you create new wars and bars,

staking your life in blood soaked mud.


So much attention on the color of one’s skin,

and while they scream profanities,

you scream privilege.

My grandfather must have been so privileged,

to nearly starve and work in the mud.

My brother must have been so privileged to live in the slums.

My father must have been so privileged to die in trenches.

And slavery happened, but, every race has felt that pain.

Yet, you blame and hate, create more friction,

and I can’t seem to understand your cause.

My cousin’s skin is darker than most,

and I love every inch that covers his bones.


Minorities and majorities are a thing of the past.

You cannot move a nation when you cause,

hate to breed from within,

It’s not about being black or white,

it’s about being brothers and sisters and people,

it’s not about hate and making a stand.

It has always been about love and standing together.


You can use your words and aggression,

become a human target in front of a riot,

thinking this will become a weapon,

thinking your actions will become a bullet,

thinking ‘I’ll teach them’,

but I refuse to learn your lesson.

I won’t cry over a senseless death,

I’ll mourn a martyr but not a saint.


The hate that you give is the hate that you breed.

You go against everything that a King preached.

With all of this darkness in your heart,

you won’t see your dreams,

because there will never be any light,

with all the hate that you give.

Copyright 2018 @ C. Dunning (CzernyWhelk3)


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  1. NB NB

    I’d have a lot to say about this piece, but I’ll try not to make it long.. anyway, I think it’s pretty great, first of all.. & more than anything, I’m glad to notice that not everyone is blinded by the propaganda.. your awareness is what stood out the most in this poem.. the other thing would be: “My cousin’s skin is darker than most, and I love every inch that covers his bones.”.. its just so genuine and offers the completely opposite of what you criticize here, & it makes the message stronger..

    what I would maybe change about it is “the next new worship”, because it kind of sounds too much using both “next” & “new” in such a context.. but maybe it’s just me.. I think it’s a pretty good piece overall 🙂

  2. I liked this, so true. Pull and pulled in different directions that nothing is right or wrong no more it’s just one’s hate against another.

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