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Adult World

In an adult life

I strive to be an adult too

And I hear ‘adulting is not for you’

So, I clean their shoes and I act nice

I sit down on the chair and I listen to advice


In an adult life, for six years now

I act a weekend mother for my little brother

And in this adult play, a drama like no other

I make it easy for adults to be adults


In an adult life

I try to be an adult too

And I cook a dinner not for two

But for five and I make tea and I set the cutlery

And I ask if I could go for adult coffee with my adult friends

But the answer is ‘well that depends’


In an adult life

To be an adult I strive,

So, I get a job, and I work a nine to five

And I earn real adult money to travel abroad

But they say that I don’t need it yet, which almost seems like fraud


And in an adult life

I will be an adult in one month and six days

But nothing is subject to change

So, I stated, matter of factly

‘I want to live away for college,

To become independent, exactly’


But in this adult life

Where I serve for comfort

I heard ‘Is this a joke of some sort?’

Well, it’s not a joke at all. It’s not even that funny

So, get your shit together and give me back my money.

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