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Night Scene


Warm almost suffocating night in large city
hot-spot brimming with loud sounds and energy
place filled with deviants, eccentrics and artists
candles dance to the drums of sensual French song

Tight black dress revealing slender, elegant curves
raven, long-flowing hair, drapes pale-bare shoulders
large hypnotic eyes emit strange, mysterious glow
a soft trail of intangible herbal and floral scent
the aroma of sexual success and ecstasy

Softy strolls to bar and orders red wine
legs sensually crossed, glass meets ripeness of lips
slow calculated moves add to obscure aura
all eyes rest on dark, exotic queen
as she glances ’round in triumphant air of majesty

Soon eyes meet his, best looking man in scene
half smiling sends slow appraising glance
without delay he’s up as in a trance
‘Never fails! ‘ she thinks
introductions, smiles, chat, she laughs…
he whispers in her ear, she smiles knowingly
he pays, they leave… all eyes on queen
he is never to be seen.

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  1. I’m literally clapping right now. I loved it, especially the end. I was there for a while. Thanks for sharing

  2. This was very inspiring and beautiful, you are a master, bravo <3

  3. NB NB

    I love that you titled it Night Scene, because it isn’t just a poem, it’s a scene that you can literally see while reading, it’s that good.. so I’ll just join the applause 🙂

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