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stfu an make moves
you a demon
a queen
a fuckin slayer
a god damn boss
rep that shit
you dont know youre blessed because fact cant be fiction when you raggin,
step up palm grip,
take lifes grasp,
the meanin is above mental an health
get the job done
you just begun
youre still fruithful an young
eat this youth up
on life ill end anyone fuckin with your kike
cuz i make a stack an hour
thats a mill on 100
on 20 an loyalty
that will fuckin put the biblical scriptures under reign
hail an thunder
lightning an force
fuck it
get your shit together
its time to be on top of things an its a couple hundred hours away
so ill pray with you
we got this
take care of what you have
for the time being without this comment box im rotting
gettin shit on
im not cryin
im not complaining
if i was id be dead or in prison……
on loyola
keep bryan
free frank…..
reality isnt reality
you are very right
an it is very bland
but without you smiling secure an claused
i cant be happy
nor can many other people who love an care about you
free yourself from tears an make new beginnings
dont enduldge
you got this
i have faith in you
im already tired of this drama
but in heart on heart i had to step up an tell you
that youre stong an by all means a self devout parent an women
so keep up the positivity
stay fighting
prayers to you lover gal….
holla for some skrange

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