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My Priceless Ticket

Is life worth a million,
Or nil at all?

My wife often said
‘Dad, you are worth 7 million bucks! ‘
‘Why is that? ‘ I asked
‘Well, you got 6 kids and me! ‘ she retorted

A million bucks worth each?
Is what I got to invest for my family!
To provide and sustain their basic needs
That their entry to this world
Is my sole responsibility
Including my wife?

My wife bluntly said
‘Dad, you cannot die without leaving us 7 million bucks! ‘
‘Why is that? ‘ I asked
‘Well, you have 6 kids and me! ‘ she stressed out

I knew I can never raise such enormous amount
Not even a one hundred thousand buck in a year’s work
But my wife always demands for it every time I feel sick
That I have to give her 7 million bucks before I die
Later I realized that I cannot just die yet with diabetes
Because my wife wants me to hand over 7 million bucks!

That’s how my wife appraise my life’s worth
She always emphasize that I should not just die soon
Because I have not yet able to make the 7 million bucks
My only ticket for leaving 6 kids and my wife.

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