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It’s weird
how things start to make sense
once you finally start to believe.

Little things,
like why doesn’t God just perform
a miracle every now and then.

You know, like He did
when He was Jesus
walking on water and feeding the masses.

Then you begin to think
even when He was miraculous
some still walked away from Him,

because they didn’t want to accept
a new way to live
wanted to hang onto familiar wrongs.

And priests,
because they were worried
about losing their power

plotted to have Him killed.
Yeah, let’s kill God
so we can keep our power over the masses.

It’s weird how things begin to make sense
once you start to believe,
things that make no sense at all.

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  1. NB NB

    very interesting stuff to think about.. & the way you connected the first & last stanza was brilliant.. really enjoyed it.. keep up the good work 🙂

    • Eli Eli

      Thanks NB, its a work in progress, this God thing going through my head.

  2. So true, you think, wonder and pray, turn things over in your head many times and sometimes a light will go off, sometimes a room will remain dark.

    • Eli Eli

      It’s as if that is how it is meant to be for some reason.

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