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I don’t look for favors much,
I just can’t bring myself to do this..



If I asked you to
kiss away the pain
I’m afraid the spot
Y O U ‘ D   M I S S


This is the type of
pain that only occurs
when I sit all alone
& R E M I N I S C E


It’s the type of pain
that causes my voice
to tremble, ‘n speech
to noticeably LISP.


As I try to explain how
I’m so overcome with
feelin’s that pass right
through tremblin’ LIPS.


If I ask you to kiss away
all of this pain – you’d
have to start at the seem
that continuously RIPS —

my soul through the end
of each of my pen’s tiny
little pain induced TIPS.


When the time comes,
‘n I’m in need of love,
not very many of you
would follow through
like James Todd Smith.


“I need love..”



-rome ©2018

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  1. You absolutely nailed the rhythm in this, and the caps for the final word in each stanza gives a really heavy feeling. Like it just falls into place. Great emotion and a great follow up to the first part.

    • Thanks so much, my friend.
      I was afraid it wouldn’t stack up.
      Considering sequels hardly compare to the original.

      Appreciate you!

  2. Eli Eli

    I haven’t read PT I, but this one reads really smooth anyway…

    • I wouldn’t share it, if it didn’t read smoothly.
      I’m my own worst critic, ‘n that’s a pet peeve of mine.

      I just spent an entire year editing my own book, to be sure every single poem flows like a river.

      Always appreciate you taking the time to read, & comment.

      Thanks, my friend!

      • Eli Eli

        All the editing and reviewing you do certainly shows up in your writing!

      • That’s great to hear.
        Thanks so much!

  3. Consistent. Tightly constructed, and the flow is really unlike anything I’ve read…. like damn haha. Beautiful work my friend!

    • Thank you, Brother!
      Appreciate you, Always.

      If you missed it, Part I is on my page.

  4. NB NB

    part one was great, but it didn’t help me prepare enough for this level of greatness.. you’re absolutely killin’ it here..

    “If I ask you to kiss away
    all of this pain – you’d
    have to start at the seem
    that continuously RIPS”


    • Thank you, Brother!
      Really appreciate you.

      That’s my favorite stanza, as well.

  5. Amazing style in which this is written. Always been of fan of yours since day 1. Great job on this splendid piece!

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