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My Demons Vs You

I have some demons in my mind that want to be let loose
I cant have that shit, so hand over that fucking noose
I told my momma, that I would end up, on the news
She said I love son, please be careful what you do
I love you to, but this bitch keeps making stupid moves
I done told her once, I told her twice, I don’t think ill ever get through
Look at the damage you do, why dont you go and get a clue
Why don’t you take this noose out of my hand
So my demons can use it on you

In my mind I just murder you
in real life though its hard to do
So I’ma stand here and hurdle you
till the end of this curse that You threw,
my way
better be thankful today
cause tomorrow my demons will play, and you can’t run away
So listen to the sound of their voice, you don’t have a choice
Cause I’m all up in your face, all up in your space
Ain’t no fucking way you’ll ever get away

Now come unto me and hear what they say

Come unto me and hear what they say

I said, come over here and hear what they say
Why the fuck you look afraid,
didn’t you cause this shit babe
Didn’t you take the knife out of the drawer
And stick me in the gut with the blade
Now I’m wounded but it’s ok
I feel the pain every single day
Id wish you’d listen to what they say
Because in the darkness I’m not afraid

Their are only a few I would pick and choose
But its my Demons Vs. You.

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  1. Powerful stuff – naked sharing. I write of demons too, so this caught my eye. May your demons go away. You write well and keep the reader’s attention.

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