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Under a lonely sky

A limping heart’s broken whispers fill the shadows
Echoes of longing break upon the shores of their own pain
Will I ever again soar through the skies of a soothing touch?
Will the depths of my genuine love ever be enough?
Or will the scorching embers of desolation forevermore cling unto this bleeding husk?

What I would give to hear kind, soft lips whisper
“It’s ok
Im here to evaporate your rain
No longer do you have to pray the pain away to begin your days
You can forevermore bathe upon these rays for im here to stay”

Wherever you are please know that im doing my best
That although my heart crawls through a bed of glass I will not stop to rest
& although crows may circle my darkened skies they will not get a taste
For the sun may dim & the stars may fall

but to be with you

An immortal apocalypse I will transcend

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  1. A powerful heartfelt piece. You’ve done an excellent job on this, my friend.

  2. “What I would give to hear kind, soft lips whisper
    “It’s ok”

    Sometimes these words are EVERYTHING!

    Relatable. Nicely done.

  3. You’ve made me believe in the advent transcendence 🙂 Excellent work.

  4. Lou Lou

    The beauty of the rhythm of these 2 lines – I can’t get out of my head.

    “It’s ok
    Im here to evaporate your rain.”

    The whole thing. Simply stunning.

    Well done!

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