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Johnny’s Requiem

You once did love the sunny days,

The warm wind blowing on your face,

Finding bliss in a loved ones gaze,

The warm sand and the ocean waves.

But you were sent off to your grave

This “honor” that did seal your fate


Now Johnny lies beneath the roses

His casket buried in the rain

By callous hands, his life was stolen

Gave his body and lost his name


Nevermore to feel life’s joys

Denied your love to die a drone

To raise your gun beside the big boys

To fall together yet die alone.


Now your dreams are thrown away,

Whichever god, your soul do take.

Forever neath the ground to stay,

A thousand more shall go and fade,

The youths whose lives were never made

The youths that only got a taste.


The nameless lie beneath the roses

Their caskets buried in the rain.

By callous hands, their lives were stolen.

Gave their bodies and lost their names.


Published inSorrow


  1. Great poetry…poignant and reflective. Such are the wages of freedom.

  2. “To fall together yet die alone,” that’s real good. Can be taken as a commentary of the horrors of war. Was thinking of the movie “Johnny Get’s his Gun” while reading this.

  3. NB NB

    “in the pale moonlight, where she said she’ll be”.. glad to see we both got inspired by the same movie.. so much better than most of the stuff being released nowadays..

    I think I can say your style is flawless in this piece.. seems like an ideal one you were getting closer to with each poem.. my new favorite it is.. well done 🙂

    • Thanks man! I’m glad that my style is finally taking form as that’s something I’ve been struggling to find!

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