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Inner Demon

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Hello, I am the voice that’s deep in your head.
Hello, I am the voice wishing you were dead.

I look at your life. Aaah the good you do!
Truthfully, its not them, it’s all about you.

You offer the help, but they don’t acknowledge you.
Forget them all! Let them wallow in grief without you!

Spread gossip. Tell all…everything about your life.
Tell Facebook, Twitter…everyone  in sight.

Just come to your sense. Sell your soul to me.
If you do, I’ll give you all. Baby, I am your need!

I’ll bother and bother until you give in.
I’ll be the voice that you hear, the whisper within.

I’ll be there when awake. Every breath that you take.
I’ll be the image in the mirror staring into your face.

I’m the shadows in the night. The things you dread.
I’ll be the fear coming on while your lying in bed.

Ha ha! Get real, you can’t get rid of me.
I’m the all-seeing eye, but you can’t see me!

Hello, I am the voice that’s deep in your head.
Hello, I am the voice wishing you were dead.

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  1. I hate that voice n
    But we’ve come to an understanding.

    Another beaut, bro!

    • Thanks Rome. This was inspired by my “Inner demon” always telling me what to do that’s wrong and to just give up being a good person if not appreciated. It’s something I struggle with often but I always resist and fight back. It’s a battle of the mind. Appreciate your comments bro.

  2. Like the rhyming Jarid. I’m well aquatinted with the voices in my head.

  3. DeadBeat

    Read it several times now. Great stuff, friend.

  4. Yes, Beautiful piece. I can relate to the voices. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ugh this is crazily relatable, bro! Excellent stuff here – you continue to speak the truth!

    • Thanks bro. Voices will make you crazy if you let them, but we don’t have to listen to it nor give in. Appreciate you!


  7. Oh yes, that negative voice that want to destroy. Another great poem with real substance.

      • My pleasure.
        I’m glad I came to this site, nice modern and full of color.

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