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The Duke’s Of Wolcott

The Duke’s Of Wolcott

Written by: Mario Vitale

The Duke's Of Wolcott

Take me back to a time well spent running the bases thought I was B. Dent
 Wouldn't care in what I said or dent put an m80 under a garbage can lid
 Snap shot memories of the past having so much fun that it would last
 The pits it's where I used to go down a long dirt road in Wolcott, Ct

 There was the changing of the time back in the 70's to shine
 The 80's were such a blur nothing new pits off more then I could chew
 Having friends like Shane, Matt & Rich always having fun maybe in a ditch
 Those crazy pop rocks, chewy Reggie bars & ice cream bars with chocolate

 The duke's of Wolcott going to Wakelee school was such a thrill
 Playing baseball with neighbors Lance & Ron,
 Putting up forts in the backyard was quite a thrill
 Those days we used to chill with friends watching our favorite shows

 Playing wrestling & thought we were the greats of Andrade with Jimmy Snuka
 Those were the great days getting lost in some purple haze
 I'll cherish those memories with both family & friends
 Having so much fun with the hope it wouldn't end

 Fast cars & wearing parachute pants was the 80's hey day
 Getting candy such as whatchamacallit & payday
 The boom box, rubix cube & high girls hair with lots of spray
 Let us celebrate our past so we could enjoy our future !
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