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Wash Me Away

It washed over me,

this wave of utter.

Just washed away my face

and my little boy smile.

I am washed away washed away.

Can you drift in this

gone away breathless life

can you float like I do

washed away?

Taken away in waves of sadness

I am drifting washed away.

I feel the guts of this helium balloon feeling

gone up into the sky

just a tiny pinpoint of color now

then gone out of sight away.

My belly cries waves of washed tears

my eyes are filled with gone

my hands tremble with the grating need

please please take me away.

I am carried on a crying pool

it washes me washes me away.


Take me down to the final gate

breathe your last air into me

the heart of this dead traveler

is broken and washed away.


Wash me wash me away.


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  1. I know this feeling so well – live with it every day. Your descriptive narration drives your words straight into the reader’s soul.

  2. thanks for the read and your comment! yes it seems poetry exists mostly for that reason. enjoying your posts, by the way!

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